Trends for Colorful Bridesmaid Dresses

More than your wedding dress, more than your venue, your wedding colors communicate so much about your personal style. From fresh and fun shades to elegant and sophisticated hues, they truly set the mood your impending nuptials.

Start by selecting at least one primary color. From there it will be easier to decide on your supporting shades. Here are a few trending bridesmaid dress color combinations to get you inspired!

  Bubbly Blues


Keeping things soft and ethereal is easily accomplished with a mint color bridesmaid dress. These feminine shades are especially popular among contemporary weddings. Pairs well with a variety of complementary colors like muted pinks, warm neutrals and rich plums.

  Cheeky Coral


Brides that believe brighter is better are naturally drawn to flashy colors like coral. You can keep things punchy by outfitting the rest of your bridesmaids in unique neons like chartreuse, playful purples and buxom blues.

  Timeless Taupe


For a completely classy coupling, test out some timeless taupe troops. They look great with greys and whispers of white. These hushed hues are sure to capture some attention without stealing the show. Delicate, chic and easy to pair with, these understated beauties set the mood for any ceremony.

  Sweetly Salmon


Lovely, luminous and light-hearted, salmon and overtly orange bridesmaid gowns are jovial and perfect for the happiest day of your life. Adding a softer shade in with eye-catching aquamarine and turquoise makes for a jaunty bunch that’s sure to have your guests all smiles.

  Yowza Yellow


Fresh and flowery, sunny yellows are a glistening way to help your bridal party glow on your wedding day. This stylish shade looks great next to an array of colors. Pretty periwinkles, blue greens and orangey pinks are perfect for your line up.

When you want to add some dimension to your bridal party, try layering complementarycolored bridesmaid dresses that match each maiden’s unique personality.

Choosing Wedding Dresses For Destination Wedding


When you live in a climate of weather extremes, sometimes a destination wedding is the only kind of ceremony that makes sense. Destination ceremonies are also known for being slightly more intimate affairs that add a bit of adventure to … Continue reading

Tips of the best Nigerian bridesmaid dresses 2016

  Looking forward to a future wedding ceremony? Haven’t chosen the dress for your bridesmaids yet? This way the article is an excellent guide in the best 2016 bridesmaid dresses styles in Nigerian .
  You know, this is a special day for every girl, so it is extremely important, it is a must to look like a queen. It is clear that every bridesmaids will strive to choose the best dresses to look as beautiful as the bride herself. Wedding fashion is constantly changing so in order to impress all the guests it is needed to get acquainted with the best trends and styles available for the most fashionable wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses.
  Pretty bridesmaids act as an obligatory accessory of every wedding. Such a choice could be rather challenging as the bride wants to look more gorgeous than all the guests invited to the occasion.
  However, choosing the dress for her bridesmaids it is essential to pay attention to the figure of every girl – her height, size, preferences, sum of money which she wants to spend on the dress etc.
  Nowadays there is a variety of different materials and decorations that will charm every girl who is in search of something really special. Modern designers of wedding dresses can’t but impress us with new fabulous Lace dresses in vintage style. Girls began to make a choice more confidently – not being afraid of a variety of colours and styles.
  Pretty details can make fabulous lace dresses even more elegant, such as: nicely designed sleeves, scalloped edges, naked back, short length of the bridesmaid dress can enable you to show all the beauty of your legs.
  The cheap bridemaid dress covering only one shoulder will also place an accent on your charm, so don’t be afraid to opt for a bit unusual bridesmaid dresses. Don’t forget about the need to have the same nice small bouquets of flowers neatly arranged by the experienced florists.
  What’s more, you can decorate your head – your wedding haircut with the usage of flowers. It would look like an excellent additive for the stylish bridesmaid dress. Anyway, it is up to the bride to make a final choice, but it looks absolutely marvelous when all your bridal train of bridesmaids is wearing the same dresses of the same colour. Good luck!

Tips To Score a Cheap Bridal Gown

With wedding season soon upon us, many a bride is looking for a way to create the most special day imaginable…without racking up the biggest debt imaginable. The dress is no exception.

Bridal gowns can run into the thousands, which can eat into a good portion of any wedding budget. You want to look amazing, but you’d also like to give your guests something to eat, drink, and ideally sit on.

Wedding dresses are one area where you can significantly cut your costs. We don’t believe in compromising on looking absolutely stunning on your wedding day, but we do believe in being smart about looking for the best deal possible.

Here are the best ways to score a cheap wedding dress.Hope you choose the feeldressand be the most beautiful bride on your big day!

Check Out Mass Retailers

Mass retailers are getting into the wedding gown biz. It started with J. Crew, and the rest followed. We found these affordable numbers surprisingly attractive. Here, spend some of your savings on custom tailoring to make your dress uniquely yours—take off cap sleeves or add on embellishments. See our favorite mass market lines.

Head Online

Nothing replaces the romanticized experience of heading to a bridal salon and trying on dresses with your mom and a few glasses of champagne—but after a few tiring sessions, any bride can tell you it gets old fast. According to Heather Levine, fashion editor at The Knot, the majority of brides still buy their dresses in-store, but more and more are heading online, to overstock or consignment sellers.

Consider the Used Wedding Dress

Almost 80% of LearnVest readers said they’d at least consider a used wedding dress on the big day. Yes, someone else wore it already. But only once. You can have it professionally cleaned, and may be able to afford a higher end designer this way. Many sites use a peer-to-peer model, so you contact the seller directly. You can ask all kinds of questions (see below) and arrange shipping and return logistics.

Pro: Because you’re dealing directly with the seller, you can negotiate the price.

Con: You’re dealing with an individual as opposed to a business, so build in the unpredictability factor.

Questions to Ask About Used or Sample Dresses

Can you Skype? We’ve seen sellers who will Skype with long-distance buyers to show them the dress.

What are the measurements? Nearly every wedding dress is altered, and a previously-altered dress won’t match the size label. If it’s a sample size, they tend to run smaller than street sizes.

Was the dress cleaned after use? How? Did the original wearer get anything on it?

It’s a bit impolite to ask if it’s a “divorce” dress. If you’re going down the path of used gowns, you should just accept that your chances are 50/50.

If the Dress Fits…

An excellent tailor is key for altering a used or sample dress. A tip on sizing from Mara Urshel, owner and president of bridal store Kleinfeld in New York City: When buying a used gown, choose according to your largest measurement (bust, waist, hip). For example, if your hip measurement is size 8 but your bust is size 6, order the size 8. It’s always easier to take in.

Other Ways to Save And Do Good

Check out local sample sales and trunk shows at your bridal salons and department stores. Levine also suggests the charity angle—Brides Against Breast Cancer hosts trunk shows across the country featuring donated new and used gowns, and proceeds fulfill wishes for terminal breast cancer patients., which has a mix of both new and used dresses, donates to cervical cancer for each gown sold.

The Bottom Line

Most people don’t keep up with wedding dress fashion, so no one will ever recognize your dress or where you got it from—all the more incentive to go for the deal. Everyone that day will just be focused on how amazing you look. And you can use the extra money saved for those vintage earrings, renting the cotton candy machine, or your honeymoon—by then, your dress will just be a little heap that’s yesterday’s news.

choosing mother of the brides or the groom dresses

choosing mother of the brides or the groom dresses

  Shopping for the perfect Bridal gown is often the most exciting part of planning a wedding. Shopping for a Mother’s dress. Not so much. For many Moms, shopping for a dress for themselves is intimidating and over-whelming.

Feeldress has been outfitting Brides and bridal parties in the Champaign-Urbana area for over 30 years. We are experts on dressing men and women for all occasions, and we are pretty good at it. So to all the terrified Mothers out there. We hear you.

Here are the top 5 shopping dilemmas from past Mothers and what we will focus on in order to overcome them:

1) “I hate my___________”: Good quality, designer mother of the bride dresses are designed to hide all the things you hate. There are modern, NON-matronly styles out there. Many with beautiful necklines and sleeves to help you hide cleavage and arms, and ruched waistlines to help you hide your tummy.

Focus on: The things you LOVE about your body. Maybe it is your legs, your waist, your skin color, or even just your face. We will find a style that helps highlight your body and your style and focus less on the things you dislike.

2) “I don’t want to wear a boring old color”:  Have you ever heard the old saying “Wear beige and keep your mouth shut”. Whether your the Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom, that old sentiment certainly doesn’t translate to modern day moms.

Focus On: What the wedding party is wearing. Try wearing a complimenting color to the wedding party. For example; if the bridesmaids are wearing royal blue, try navy. Girls in bright turquoise? Go for a deeper teal. And never be afraid to wear black. That’s right…BLACK. It’s always been known as a flattering color, and you will match the gentlemen wearing black tuxedos. Designer dresses, like those pictured here come to dozens of colors. So go ahead…choose whatever great color you want, even if it is beige.

3) “That doesn’t look like me”: Trying to wear something that really isn’t your style, just because you think you should might spell disaster.  Experience has shown that moms trying to wear the “just this one time” style are by most accounts…miserable.

Focus on: What makes you comfortable. If your style is more simple, wear something simple. If you normally go for the bright, sparkly bling, then by all means, that is what everyone expects from you. Find a style that flatters your body, but more importantly flatters your style and personality, and stay true to who you are.

4) “I don’t know what will look good on me”:  Bridal shoppes have professional stylists who will know what looks good on you. Don’t be embarrassed by your size or ashamed to tell them your flaws and fears.

Focus on: Trusting the professionals. They can help you pick the style that is right for you. They see people of all ages and sizes every day. Every mom looking for the perfect gown wants the “Taller, Skinner, and Younger-Looking” version of themselves. Asking for help, whether it is about style, color, size or the appropriateness of your choice, is important. You will likely not get good advice from a department store clerk with no experience.

5) “There is just not a good selection to choose from”: Are you tried of the poor selection you have found everywhere else?

Focus on: Attending Feeldress Event.Mom’s Aisle Style dresses is a specially designed event focused on helping Mothers of the Bride and Groom shop and purchase their gowns.

Feeldress will be receiving the newest collections from the designers at Mori Lee, Mori Lee Couture and Jasmine Black Label for a limited engagement, August 18th-20th. During this event there is an extraordinary selection of gowns not normally available in the store to choose from. Gowns featured at the event are usually only “on loan” to the store to try, so plan on needing to special order the size and color you want. Attending an event has additional perks too, including a 15% discount on your purchase.

Don’t let the horrors of department store shopping ruin your opportunity to find the perfect mother of the bride dresses. Get amazing and professional help choosing your Mother’s gown at our {Mom’s Aisle Style} event by send e-mail and booking an appointment or request an appointment online feeldress store.

Stella York bride show her wedding dress and wedding

Bride Jessica and groom Adam knew instantly they were meant for one another. By celebrating their love with an intimate, canyon wedding, they were able to enjoy every second of their special day. Jessica wore a stunning Antique-inspired modified fit-and-flare wedding gown from Stella York, with a low, illusion back for her ‘I do’s’. What started out as love at first sight, continues into a perfect forever.
From the bride: My husband and I met through mutual friends in the sport of triathlon. We had been dating for about a year when we both qualified to compete in the Ironman World Championships race in Kona, Hawaii. The race took place in October of 2015, where Adam proposed to me at the finish line. It was the most memorable experience of my life!
In May of 2016, we moved to Prescott, Arizona, a small town in the mountains about two hours north of Phoenix. We fell in love with the quaint feeling of a small town, the cooler weather, and beautiful mountain trails. It was only fitting to have our wedding here, at Capital Canyon Club, a private golf course located near Thumb Butte mountain with magnificent views. Our ceremony took place on the driving range which overlooked the entire city. The views were breathtaking!
Our wedding was traditional with a hint of rustic since we were in the mountains. We went with a blush and champagne color palette, with hints of greenery and wood for a rustic feel. The groomsmen wore black suits with black ties, and the bridesmaids were in blush pink dressed with champagne sparkle wedges. To tie into our rustic theme, we went with candle-lit lantern centerpieces surrounded by greenery, roses, and tulips.
If I had to describe our wedding in three words, I would say it was simple, traditional, and elegant. My favorite part about the day was being surrounded by my closest friends and family. Our wedding was on the smaller side- 90 guests- because we wanted to make sure we could spend time with each individual guest throughout the night.
I remember sitting down for dinner at our sweetheart table and taking a look around the venue to see all of our guests laughing, smiling, and having a wonderful time. It was in this moment that I realized all of our guests were here for US! It was a special feeling.



the dress

Antique-inspired romantic lace detailing adorns this modified fit-and-flare wedding dress from Stella York.
The figure-flattering bodice boasts a sweetheart neckline with pretty lace straps.
The scalloped-lace back has a band of illusion lace and zips up under fabric-covered buttons.
The pretty tulle and lace skirt falls gracefully into a chapel train.
Fabric: Lace
Detail Option: No Beading
Back: Zip Up Only – Fabric Buttons

David Tutera brides Wear Lourdes Wedding Dress in Big Day

1 simona5

“Our wedding was gorgeous and very emotional, the most beautiful day in our lives. We had an evening wedding, vintage themed, so I fell in love with my bridal dressLourdes by David Tutera. The colour, the lace, everything was screaming THIS is the wedding dress. I bought it from Be Queen Boutique in Bulgaria.”

Gorgeous bride Simona looked spectacular in her David Tutera For Mon Cheri 115229–Lourdes Wedding Dress. This lace wedding dress with cap sleeves has a satin slim underskirt with tulle and matching lace appliquéd cage overskirt and chapel length train…lavish, romantic and a sensuous silhouette all in one.

Simona and Valentin’s beautiful photos were captured by Joro Manolov.

The Dress

Lace wedding dresses with cap sleeves, corded lace appliqué and tulle over soft satin slim A-line cage wedding dress with lace cap sleeves, tulle and corded lace appliquéd deep Queen Anne neckline, sweetheart bodice adorned with hand-beaded jeweled motif and corded lace, scalloped lace open keyhole back bodice with double covered buttons, soft satin slim underskirt with sweep train, tulle and matching lace appliquéd cage overskirt with scalloped hem features eyelash trim and chapel length train. As shown in Ivory/Mocha: The Berger Collection for Mon Cheri combs style 9715 sold separately. Embellish by David Tutera ring style Elizabeth, earring style Marissa Dangle and bracelet style Marissa sold separately. As shown in Ivory/Champagne: The Berger Collection for Mon Cheri headpiece style 9701 sold separately. Embellish by David Tutera ring style Elizabeth and bracelet style Leona Pearl sold separately.

The latest wedding dress collection 2016-2017 online smilebridal, we offer many discounts wedding dresses and wedding to you, our aim is to make you the most beautiful wedding dress.

Real Weddings Martina Liana Bride Wear Style 690

Michaela and Nathan’s Mexican beach wedding was something for the books! This fun-loving couple chose to make the focus of their nuptials the friends and family they loved the best. The day was filled with surf and sun (and unfortunately some rain) but the bride looked stunning in a truly beautiful Martina Liana wedding dress. Cheers to the happy couple and may you two have lots of more wonderful trips to Mexico!
From the bride: For every couple, the wedding location is different based on certain factors. We have such amazing friends and relations that we wanted to spend more than just one day/night celebrating such an important union in our lives. For this reason we chose a destination wedding. We had a large party join us in Riviera Cancun, Mexico, for our celebration. We chose a smaller resort because we wanted to make sure we were around all of our guests the entire week to create memories we will have for a lifetime. Instead of having a rehearsal dinner we chose to have a catamaran sail take our wedding ceremony sailing. This was a time for friends and family to mingle and share stories about Nathan and I. The night before the wedding, we had a bonfire to welcome all guests for the weekend. The wedding was held on the beach and the reception was around a pool lit with floating lanterns and white lights. For months we planned the perfect wedding for us as a couple and when the day came the “perfect” wedding was filled with thunder, rain, a tardy minister, and a reception dinner location change. Even through most of the craziness of the day, I wouldn’t change one important thing! It made for amazing memories and even better pictures. I would re-live that day again and again if I could.
Every little detail that went into the planning was all worth it once that day arrived. The best memory from the day was when my two older brothers came to my room to see me in my dress Martina Liana 690 and walk me down the aisle. The bond that my brothers share with my husband is such a special sort of brotherhood it is a memory I will cherish forever. is the global online retailer which can afford item for every hobby and lifestyle.Wedding dresses,Prom dresses,evening dresses,ball gowns,available worldwide at unbeatable prices,make a part of your life.

Real bride wear David Tutera for Mon Cheri wedding dress

  We found this fabulous photo of Brianna on Instagram and couldn’t wait to contact Nicole of Nicole Corrine Photography to ask to see more. Brianna is simply stunning wearing the ever popular David Tutera for Mon Cheri Style 114276Crawley wedding dresses in ivory/tea rose. This lace ruffle wedding dress has a deep Queen Anne neckline with lace cap sleeves, sheer tulle and lace back bodice and dramatic ruffled tiered skirt that spills into the chapel length train; both elegant and playful and truly a wonderful gown.
  We love every detail of this rustic wedding from the colorful bouquets and converse kicks to the mason jars filled with carnations and baby’s breath that decorated both the aisle for the ceremony and were also placed atop round tree bark slices for the centerpieces.
  Nicole Corrine Photography is situated in Waterloo, IA. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook to check out more of her beautiful work.
  Smilebridal has the best quality wedding dresses 2016 at the most affordable prices! Amazing material quality and craftsmanship, you’ll surely find your favorites dresses here, and you will definitely be satisfied with your purchase here!




Choosing your lovely Bridesmaid Dresses for your big day

Dressing all your beautiful best friends for your big day can be tricky. We love our friends for their different personalities, styles and characteristics but they are also usually many different styles and sizes, and this can prove to be quite the task when attempting to dress them all the same as bridesmaids for your wedding. There are a few things you can do to make this a little easier, here are our top tips for selecting your beautiful bridesmaids dresses.

Mismatched maids
Long gone is the tradition of having all your bridesmaids in the same dress. Going mismatched adds a real trendy edge to your wedding day and makes making decisions as the bride much easier. Pick a colour pallet you want your bridesmaids to wear then let them pick their unique style bridesmaid dresses. That way all of yours bridesmaids will feel comfortable in their dress and the different fabrics and hues will really complement each other, adding a fashionable edge to your day.

Make a mood board
To avoid turning into a bridezilla, making a mood board of different fabrics and colours that you like then invitee all your bridesmaids around to discuss what shapes and styles they like to gather a consensus of what types of dresses to start trying to find. It’s your big day so don’t be afraid to push for what you want but remember you want your friends to feel comfortable on your big day.

Go colour crazy.Another way to do mismatched is to pick out a dress you like and let the bridesmaids wear the same dress in different colours or let each bridesmaid pick their own colour and style dress. This works particularly well with different pastel shades or bold colours which complement each other.

Have a girly day
If you do prefer a more cohesive look when it comes to the wedding party, there’s nothing better than having a girls day out to pick your dresses together. Visit a various shops and try on many different styles of dresses to have a feel for what kinds of dresses your bridesmaids like. Occasion wear specialists like Coast have amazing advisors in store who can help and plenty of variations and sizes online to make ordering your cheap bridesmaid dresses super easy.

Although it’s important to make sure your bridesmaids look lovely when stood altogether, thinking about how they are going to look next to you is also important. Don’t forget to consider how the fabrics and colours will match your bridesmaid gown above all.